Teodor is an operator that serves in the 501st Cadian Devildogs


Comrade – Bane (Pessimist)
Talents: Gunner, Put that Out!

WS – 20
BS – 39
S – 25
T – 39
AG – 45
INT – 37
PER – 25
WP – 30
FEL – 35

Wounds: 7
Fate Points: 3

Armor – 4 (Flak Armor)

M36 Lasgun + Knife (Custom Grip)
Frag Grenades (2)
Autopistol (Custom Grip)

Auspex – Adds +20 to awareness rolls, and the user can make a tech-use test to check for things not normally detectable by human senses
Combi-tool – adds +10 to most tech-use tests
Mind Impulse Unit – this bionic implant adds +10 to tech-use tests when communing with devices capable of MIU uplinks.

Awareness, Charm, CL War, CL Imperium, CL Imperial Guard, CL Tech, Linguistics Low Gothic, Nav Surface (+ 10), Operate surface (+ 10), Tech-Use, Trade Armorer

Technical Knock, Nerves of Steel, Hatred (Chaos), Rapid Reaction, Resistance (Fear), Weapons Training (Las), Weapons Training (Low-Tech), Hotshot Pilot, Munitorium Influence

Agility, Ballistic Skill, Fellowship, Fieldcraft, Intelligence, Tech


Teodor grew up on Cadia, and like most on his world hates agents of chaos. He eagerly joined the military, and due to his intelligence and knack with machines was trained as an operator.

On Skrynne, Teodor was mauled by a terror cat, leaving three parallel scars across his face. He punches Stubbs every time Stubbs brings it up, but is otherwise proud of his battle wounds.


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