Heavy Gunner in the 501st Devildogs


WS – 24
BS – 46
S- 30
T – 40
Ag – 31
Int – 25
Per – 32
WP – 26
Fel – 30

Armor – All 4 (Imperial Guard Flak Armor)

Custom Heavy Bolter – Reduced Weight, Sacred Inscription
Autopistol (sidearm)
M36 lasgun + Combat Knife
Frag grenades(2)

Autocannon with 100 rounds ammunition and tripod (MAG)

Skills: Athletics,Common Lore(War +10,Imperial Guard +10, Imperium), Intimidate, Linguistics(Low Gothic), Operate(Surface)

Talents: Weapon Training(Las, Launcher, Heavy, Low-Tech, Bolt, Solid Projectile), Hatred(Chaos), Nerves of Steel, Rapid Reaction, Resistance(Fear), Hardy, Storm of Iron

Wounds: 14
Fate points: 2

Aptitudes: Ballistic Skill, Defense, Fellowship, Offense, Perception, Toughness

Comrade: Solar
Personality – Old
Stabilize(Comrade Advance)
Loader(Comrade Advance)


Rook is an otherwise stolid Cadian who has a love for heavy weaponry above and beyond what some would say is normal. During his time in the Whiteshields, he was quickly noticed for his affinity with explosives and heavy weapons, and was quickly appointed as the squad’s heavy gunner.


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