Faye is a Sanctioned Psyker and is stationed with the 501st Cadian Devildogs


Comrade – Zel (Psycho)

Psy Rating – 3

WS – 28
BS – 33
S – 27
T – 36
AG – 35
INT – 30
PER – 33
WP – 55
FEL – 11

Wounds: 11
Fate Points: 0

Armor – 4 (Flak Armor)

M36 Lasgun + Knife (Custom Grip)
Frag Grenades (2)

Extra Equipment:
Psy-focus – Adds +10 to all focus power tests to manifest psychic powers

CL Adeptus Astra Telepathica, CL War, CL Imperium, CL Imperial Guard, FL Psykers, Linguistics Low Gothic, Operate Surface, Psyniscience (+ 10), SL Cryptology

Heightened Senses (Hearing), Nerves of Steel, Hatred (Chaos), Rapid Reaction, Resistance (Fear), Weapons Training (Las), Weapons Training (Low-tech)

Psyker Powers:
Smite, Endurance, Assail, Enfeeble, Prescience, Spontaneous Combustion

Intelligence, Knowledge, Perception, Psyker, Strength, Willpower


Faye was removed from her home at a young age when her psychic abilities were recognized, and doesn’t remember much of her childhood, only her time spent on the Black Ships. She proved her dedication and loyalty to the Emperor and was assigned as a Sanctioned Psyker to the 501st Devildogs.

On Skrynne, Faye was nearly killed by Loota-Boys with a Def shot to the head. The Will of the Emperor protected her, though she was badly disfigured, further estranging her from her squad. She currently is upset at their drugging her while recovering form her wounds.

Faye is very precise in social interactions, and follow social etiquette to the letter, which instead makes her very intolerable to interact with.


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