House Rules

Close Range: Targets that are at a distance of less than one quarter the Range of a character’s weapon are at Close Range. Ballistic Skill tests made to attack targets at Close Range are Routine (+20).

Lasgun rate of fire: Multiple lore sources indicate that most full-size lasguns are capable of full-auto fire. To accommodate this, M36 lasguns are capable of firing in the following modes: S/3/6.

Lasgun Variable Setting: In addition to the Lasgun Variable Setting rule in the core rulebook, the M36 lasgun and variants are also capable of firing lower-powered shots to conserve ammunition. All lasguns can fire in low power mode which doubles the clip capacity at the expense of -1 damage.

M36 Lasgun Bayonet Lug: The M36 lasgun possesses a barrel mounted bayonet lug which can allows the user to attach either a combat knife or rechargeable lamp pack . A lasgun with a mounted combat knife functions as a spear (Melee, 1d10 R, Pen 0, Primitive (8)).

Frag Grenade Direct Hits: Frag grenades and other similar explosives deal an additional + 5 damage to targets at the direct location of the blast. For example, a grenade that lands directly at the feet of a Chaos heretic will deal 2d10 + 5 damage , and 2d10 damage to anybody else in the blast radius. Larger scale direct hits, such as the main battle cannon of a Leman Russ, do an additional +10 damage. This rule does not apply to attacks on vehicles.

Well-provisioned Equipment Doctrine: In addition to the core rulebook, the squad recieves a +5 bonus on all Logistics test to obtain consumable supplies, including ammunition and medical supplies.

Suspensors: While anti-grav plates would certainly reduce the weight of any heavy weapon they are attached to, suspensors do nothing to reduce the heavy recoil such weapons produce. As a result, they do not grant the auto-stabilized trait as mentioned in the core rulebook, but instead have their rarity reduced one step to Very Rare instead of Extremely Rare.

Anti-Vehicle Weapons: To better represent the potency of dedicated anti-vehicle weapons when used against armored vehicles, all anti-vehicle weapons gain the Lance quality when used against vehicles. This rule applies to: lascannons, krak missiles and grenades, hunter-killer and hellstrike missiles, all tank cannons, plasma cannons, and all melta weapons. Other heavy weapons, while still capable of damaging light vehicles, are not as effective against armored targets. Autocannons gain an additional +3 pen per degree of success and heavy bolters gain an additional +1 when used against vehicles.

Meta-time: Whenever player characters are not on an active mission and are located at their assigned garrison or similar safe location, players may choose to designate what their characters focus their spare time on while off-duty. Activities can include medical stays, extra training, penance,carousing at the local drinking hole or just resting. Although such activities are assumed to be in the characters (limited)free time, commissars are always watching to ensure no deviance from regulations occurs!

House Rules

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