Heavy Bolter

A larger, support version of the boltgun, the heavy bolter is seldom seen outside military organizations. It uses a much larger caliber than the standard bolt shell with more propellant for greater distance and stopping power, which also makes it more deadly to armored vehicles and infantry.

The 1.0 inch caliber shells of the heavy bolter are well-suited against heavy infantry and lightly armored vehicles. Though not nearly as effective against vehicles as dedicated anti-armor weapons, its bolts are nonetheless capable of disabling or destroying lightly armored fast-attack or scout vehicles.

Cadian-pattern heavy bolters can also mounted on a tripod with a plasteel glacis for more static positions. When installed, the glacis provides 8 points of cover for the Arms and Body of the operator. Installing the glacis takes a Full action in addition to bracing and can be performed by a comrade.

Class: Heavy
Range: 150m
RoF: – /- /6
Damage: 1d10 + 8 Explosive
Penetration: 5
Clip: 60
Reload: Full
Special: Tearing, Anti-vehicle (+1 pen per DoS)

Heavy Bolter

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