Current Assignment

Find and Destroy Ork Mekboy Encampment


Locate and destroy Ork Mekboy Vehicle Motorpools
Locate and destroy Ork Fuel dumps

Engage and destroy any Ork high-value targets of opportunity

Liaise with and support attached 4th Brontian infantry elements.

Mission Description

Upon the discovery of high numbers of the Ork xenos known as “Mekboys”, High Command has launched a new campaign that prioritizes elimination of all ork “Mekboys” and their vehicles. Command believes targeting Ork vehicles and fuel dumps will deny the xenos the mobility they have utilized on Skrynne thus far and will return the edge to Imperial forces. This new campaign has been dubbed “Fox and Hound”. Elements of the 501st Devildogs will be attached to 4th Brontian units tasked with tracking and locating significant Ork concentrations. Upon their discovery by the Longknives, Devildog units will be tasked with high intensity hit-and-run operations targeting fuel dumps and vehicle concentrations.

Devildog units are instructed to liaise closely with their Brontian compatriots, but are encouraged to prioritize destruction of high value Ork targets. While limited air support will be available, all ground units will be operating independently of regimental support units.

The Emperor Protects

::Thought of the day: Burn the witch, Kill the alien, and Purge the unclean::

Current Assignment

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