501st Cadian Devildogs Lore


The 501st Devildogs was raised on the fortress world of Cadia just prior to the invasion of heretical forces through the Cadian Gate near the Eye of Terror. Comprised mostly of fast attack elements, the 501st is utilized to assist the rank and file line regiments through quick but devastating attacks. The regiment is noted for its heavy use of the Hellhound flame tank and variants as its favored attack vehicle as well as a higher than normal proportion of flamers and other heavy weapons in its ranks.

While the Devildogs excel at hard hitting quick strikes, the guardsmen of the 501st tend to suffer high casualties when mired in prolonged engagements due to the lack of heavy armor and artillery options. Due to this, the commanders of the 501st tend to be somewhat standoff-ish with allied regiments, as they have a somewhat merited reputation of hogging the glory of combat without slogging through the entire engagements.

Regimental Details

Homeworld – Cadia
+3 Ballistic Skill, +3 Toughness, +3 Willpower (choose 2 at character creation)
Known Skills: Common Lore(War, Imperium, Imperial Guard), Linguistics(Low Gothic)
Starting Talents: Hatred(Servants of Chaos), Nerves of Steel or Sprint
Starting Traits: Hated Enemy (Servants of Chaos), Bred for War

Commanding Officer – Colonel Casmirre – Choleric
Starting Talent: Rapid Reaction

Regimental Designation – Hunter/Killer
+3 Ballistic Skill, -3 Strength
Starting Skill: Operate(Surface)
Starting Talent: Resistance (Fear)
Standard Kit: 1 Hellhound Flame Tank per squad

Special Equipment Doctrines – Well-Provisioned
Additonal 2 clips for regimental main and favored weapons
Additional 2 weeks extra rations
+10 Logistics Rating to obtain fuel or spare parts for vehicles
+5 Logistics Rating to obtain consumables, including ammunition

Standard Regimental Kit
1 Uniform
1 M36 Lasgun and 4 charge packs
2 Combat Knives
2 Fragmentation Grenades
1 Imperial Guard Flak Armor
1 Rucksack
1 Basic toolset
1 Mess kit and canteen
1 Blanket and sleep-bag
1 Rechargeable lamp pack
1 Grooming Kit
1 Set of dog tags
1 Imperial Infantrymen’s Uplifting Primer
4 weeks combat sustenance rations

Favored Regimental Weapons
Heavy Bolter

Additional Background Information

The Devildogs are only the most recent incarnation of the Cadian 501st, belonging to a long and honored tradition of Cadian combat units. While all combat units raised from Cadia have been extensively trained, the 501st has yet to experience full deployment in a large theater of war beyond minor skirmishes. Because of this, the men and women of the Devildogs are eager to make use of their full complement of Hellhounds and flamers to purge the enemies of Mankind for the Emperor.

The regiments commanding officer, Colonel Casmirre, shares his troopers zeal for fast and explosive raids and prefers to lead from the front inside a command version of one of the regiments rare Devildog variant of Hellhounds. While by no means inexperienced, Casmirre desires strongly to distinguish his newly raised regiment in the crucible of real combat.

501st Cadian Devildogs Lore

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