Only War - 501st Cadian Devildogs

Tracking the Orks
Hunting Orks

After a rest and refit period back at the supply depot, the squad was issued new orders as part of a new strategy formulated directly from the intelligence gathered by the squads firefight with Ork Mek elements. Working alongside Brontian infantry elements, the squad has been tasked with rooting out Ork vehicle and fuel concentrations with extreme prejudice. Using the Longknives expertise as light infantry, the Brontian infantry will screen in advance of Devildog strike squads locating choice targets for the Hellhounds to pounce on. Once suitable targets have been identified, the devildogs will charge forward destroying as many Ork vehicles, munitions and fuel dumps as possible before pulling back.

Having last encountered the Ork Mekboy Zigwazza at the promethium refinery, the squad and attached Brontians began their search from the dense jungle surrounding the refinery’s walls. Without the luxury of a Chimera to ride in, the squad was forced to experience directly the myriad horrors of Skrynne’s deathworld jungles. While the Longknives melted through the jungle with practiced ease, the fresh Devildogs had to experience for themselves many of the perils of the jungle, including carnivorous plants, stalking terror cats, and simply getting lost. A liason trooper from the Longknives was attached to the squad to help alleviate any further problems.

A week and a half of jungle travel and multiple instances of losing contact with the Brontians eventually put the squad directly in the path of a roaming Ork patrol. Fortunately for the squad, Stubbs advance scouting spotted the Ork stealth patrol and the squad was able to lay a textbook ambush in the heavy jungle cover. The squad waited till the entire Ork mob lay within mere meters of their guns before opening up in order to ensure kill shots. Jayne initiated the barrage with a heavy burst of burning promethium from the camouflaged Hellhound hosing down the Ork mob thoroughly. Autocannon and small arms fire easily dispatched the rest of the marauding Orks. One survivor was allowed to flee to facilitate tracking of any potential Ork strongholds.

Having then tracked the surviving Ork, the squad has encountered signs of heavy Ork presence in the nearby jungles, indicative of a nearby Ork encampment. The squad now has to hunker down and wait for Brontian reinforcements before formulating a strike plan…

Defending the Refinery
The Orks Assault!

Having successfully re-captured the promethium refinery, the squad immediately set upon reinforcing the massive complex. While the main gates could not be repaired, impromptu barricades were constructed to slow any Ork assaults. Promethium traps and fortified infantry fighting positions were also constructed to give the squad covering lanes of fire on probable Ork assault locations. Utilizing their Chimera’s heavy weapons, Stubbs’ long-range precision fire and Rook’s missile launcher positions, the squad felt confident they could hold the refinery despite their small numbers.

The squad’s preparations were soon tested. A few days after its re-capture, small orkoid xenos known as Gretchin infiltrated the refinery in a possible scouting expedition. The orkoids noisy bumbling was soon detected despite the cover of darkness, and two of the gretchin were easily slaughtered. The rest of the grots, however, scrambled over the walls to safety upon discovery. The following morning, Ork forces proper assaulted the refinery.

Comprised of Ork infantry, light vehicles and larger Ork specimens known as the “BigMek” and “Weirdboy”, the Ork forces quickly overwhelmed the refinery’s defensive walls with blasts of Rokkit barrages. The squad’s defensive positions proved most useful, as the squad had anticipated correctly both points of the Ork attack. Heavy weapons fire immediately greeted the Orks as they attempted to overrun the Imperial fire-lines. Jayne’s command of the Chimera’s heavy weapons savaged the Ork vehicles, who could not weather sustained combined multi-las, heavy bolter, and missile launcher attacks.

While the Ork vehicles floundered, the bulk of the Ork infantry soon threatened to overwhelm the Imperial lines. Ork burna and shoota boyz began entering the compound and nearly killed the attached Imperial psyker, Faye. It was at this point that Imperial resolve nearly broke as the Orks were practically in their fighting positions. Desperate close-range firefights began which savaged the Ork mobs without cover. Heavy bolter fire killed many of the xenos at close range, which was enough to break their lines for good.

After the dust settled, the squad’s kill count was at approximately ~10 Orks dead and two vehicles destroyed, including a notable Ork Mekboy and Wierdboy. High command was immediately notified following the engagement, who committed additional forces via Valkyries to reinforce the position. After roughly a week, the squad was retired to the supply depot for rest and refit. For their success, the squad was congratulated and afforded additional supply importance for further mission.

Promethium Refinery Assault!
Retaking Promethium Refinery Gibrahon Alpha

Having settled into their new posting of Supply Depot Gamma 29 after seeing off an Ork attack, Kill Squad Alpha received new priority orders. Word of the squad’s performance at the hot landing to the supply depot trickled up the chain of commmand, resulting in the dubious reward of a priority assignment. After a briefing of the tactical situation at the depot and the overall planetary situation, the squad was tasked with re-taking an Imperial promethium refinery where contact had been lost a week prior. The squad’s orders were to retake the refinery and to hold until further reinforcements arrived. To aid in land travel to the refinery, the squad was granted use of a Chimera armored personnel carrier instead of their usual Hellhound vehicles in order to speed time of travel and limit any possible collateral damage to the valuable refinery.

Setting out into the jungle, the squad soon encountered the infamous predators of Skyrnne’s death world jungle. Multiple squad members were ambushed by native Terror Cats and nearly overcome during a routine sanitary stop. Fortunetly, prodigious firepower and quick reflexes were able to fend off the predators. Travel through the jungle also yielded an encounter with a malnourished native encampment, as well as a crash-landed stormtrooper valkyrie which the squad aided the best they could.

After nearly 3 days of travel through the jungle, kill squad alpha encountered the promethium refinery. Night recon of the complex quickly revealed that it had been overrun by a relatively small Ork mob, consisting of 10-15 Ork Boyz led by a single Nob leader. The squad decided to attempt to lure the Ork forces out of the complex through sniper fire into a pre-set killzone of heavy weapons. Initial sniper fire seemed highly effective and the Orks nearly took the bait, but unfortunately did not leave the complex, leaving the only option of a frontal assault with the Chimera. The squad’s Ratling contingent established a long range sniping post in which to support the assault, while the rest of the squad packed in the Chimera for a direct assault. Entering the complex showed a ready-formed mob of Ork boyz ready for close combat, which immediately charged the vehicle.

Heavy bolter and multi-las fire tore through the undisciplined Ork mob, taking down the Ork Nob in a few seconds and whittling down the remaining orks. A few surviving tower guard Orks then launched a close-range surprise assault at the vehicles flanks. The ferocity of the Orks nearly spelled doom for the crew of the Chimera, as one Ork succeeded in ripping off the turret hatch in a show of strength. Luckily for the commander of the tank, Ratling sniper Stubbs blew apart any Orks threatening to harm the crew.

The Orks were soon routed after sustained heavy weapons fire, and fled the complex. Having secured the massive complex while taking no casualties, the mission of the squad is now to hold the refinery with even less troops than the Orks, against likely Ork assault until reinforcements arrive….

Story so far..
Planetfall on Skyrnne

After a long warp transit to the Periphery region of the Calixis Sector, the 501st Devildogs received orders to prepare for planetary landing, rumored to be the deathworld Skrynne. With no other information, the men and women of the Devildogs crammed into their shuttles ready to taste the fresh air of a new world. The ride to planetside was rougher than normal, as the pilots attempted to dodge what was later found to be anti-aircraft fire from belligerent Orks.

Kill squad alpha, 1st Company, 501st was the first boots on the ground after the somewhat-controlled crash landing at Supply Depot Gamma 29 near the front lines. To their surprise, the depot was nearly overrun with attacking Orks with the human defenders nearly overcome. The players had to rush out of the shuttle into the murderous Ork gunfire in order to mount an immediate defense of both their beachhead and the overwhelmed defenders. Fortunately, the player characters were able to set up a quick fireline and began pouring heavy weapons fire unto the undisciplined Ork mobs. A combination of heavy weapons and pinpoint rifle fire was able to convince the surviving Orks to retreat, giving the defenders the boost they needed to see off the Ork forces.

With the rush of fresh troops and supplies, the 501st helped the defending 4th Brontian Longknives retake the supply depot and reinforce the position against further assaults. Having distinguished themselves in the immediate landing, Kill squad alpha has been assigned a special mission to recapture the high value promethium refinery Gibrahon Prime.


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