Only War - 501st Cadian Devildogs

Tracking the Orks

Hunting Orks

After a rest and refit period back at the supply depot, the squad was issued new orders as part of a new strategy formulated directly from the intelligence gathered by the squads firefight with Ork Mek elements. Working alongside Brontian infantry elements, the squad has been tasked with rooting out Ork vehicle and fuel concentrations with extreme prejudice. Using the Longknives expertise as light infantry, the Brontian infantry will screen in advance of Devildog strike squads locating choice targets for the Hellhounds to pounce on. Once suitable targets have been identified, the devildogs will charge forward destroying as many Ork vehicles, munitions and fuel dumps as possible before pulling back.

Having last encountered the Ork Mekboy Zigwazza at the promethium refinery, the squad and attached Brontians began their search from the dense jungle surrounding the refinery’s walls. Without the luxury of a Chimera to ride in, the squad was forced to experience directly the myriad horrors of Skrynne’s deathworld jungles. While the Longknives melted through the jungle with practiced ease, the fresh Devildogs had to experience for themselves many of the perils of the jungle, including carnivorous plants, stalking terror cats, and simply getting lost. A liason trooper from the Longknives was attached to the squad to help alleviate any further problems.

A week and a half of jungle travel and multiple instances of losing contact with the Brontians eventually put the squad directly in the path of a roaming Ork patrol. Fortunately for the squad, Stubbs advance scouting spotted the Ork stealth patrol and the squad was able to lay a textbook ambush in the heavy jungle cover. The squad waited till the entire Ork mob lay within mere meters of their guns before opening up in order to ensure kill shots. Jayne initiated the barrage with a heavy burst of burning promethium from the camouflaged Hellhound hosing down the Ork mob thoroughly. Autocannon and small arms fire easily dispatched the rest of the marauding Orks. One survivor was allowed to flee to facilitate tracking of any potential Ork strongholds.

Having then tracked the surviving Ork, the squad has encountered signs of heavy Ork presence in the nearby jungles, indicative of a nearby Ork encampment. The squad now has to hunker down and wait for Brontian reinforcements before formulating a strike plan…



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