Only War - 501st Cadian Devildogs

Promethium Refinery Assault!

Retaking Promethium Refinery Gibrahon Alpha

Having settled into their new posting of Supply Depot Gamma 29 after seeing off an Ork attack, Kill Squad Alpha received new priority orders. Word of the squad’s performance at the hot landing to the supply depot trickled up the chain of commmand, resulting in the dubious reward of a priority assignment. After a briefing of the tactical situation at the depot and the overall planetary situation, the squad was tasked with re-taking an Imperial promethium refinery where contact had been lost a week prior. The squad’s orders were to retake the refinery and to hold until further reinforcements arrived. To aid in land travel to the refinery, the squad was granted use of a Chimera armored personnel carrier instead of their usual Hellhound vehicles in order to speed time of travel and limit any possible collateral damage to the valuable refinery.

Setting out into the jungle, the squad soon encountered the infamous predators of Skyrnne’s death world jungle. Multiple squad members were ambushed by native Terror Cats and nearly overcome during a routine sanitary stop. Fortunetly, prodigious firepower and quick reflexes were able to fend off the predators. Travel through the jungle also yielded an encounter with a malnourished native encampment, as well as a crash-landed stormtrooper valkyrie which the squad aided the best they could.

After nearly 3 days of travel through the jungle, kill squad alpha encountered the promethium refinery. Night recon of the complex quickly revealed that it had been overrun by a relatively small Ork mob, consisting of 10-15 Ork Boyz led by a single Nob leader. The squad decided to attempt to lure the Ork forces out of the complex through sniper fire into a pre-set killzone of heavy weapons. Initial sniper fire seemed highly effective and the Orks nearly took the bait, but unfortunately did not leave the complex, leaving the only option of a frontal assault with the Chimera. The squad’s Ratling contingent established a long range sniping post in which to support the assault, while the rest of the squad packed in the Chimera for a direct assault. Entering the complex showed a ready-formed mob of Ork boyz ready for close combat, which immediately charged the vehicle.

Heavy bolter and multi-las fire tore through the undisciplined Ork mob, taking down the Ork Nob in a few seconds and whittling down the remaining orks. A few surviving tower guard Orks then launched a close-range surprise assault at the vehicles flanks. The ferocity of the Orks nearly spelled doom for the crew of the Chimera, as one Ork succeeded in ripping off the turret hatch in a show of strength. Luckily for the commander of the tank, Ratling sniper Stubbs blew apart any Orks threatening to harm the crew.

The Orks were soon routed after sustained heavy weapons fire, and fled the complex. Having secured the massive complex while taking no casualties, the mission of the squad is now to hold the refinery with even less troops than the Orks, against likely Ork assault until reinforcements arrive….



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