Only War - 501st Cadian Devildogs

Story so far..

Planetfall on Skyrnne

After a long warp transit to the Periphery region of the Calixis Sector, the 501st Devildogs received orders to prepare for planetary landing, rumored to be the deathworld Skrynne. With no other information, the men and women of the Devildogs crammed into their shuttles ready to taste the fresh air of a new world. The ride to planetside was rougher than normal, as the pilots attempted to dodge what was later found to be anti-aircraft fire from belligerent Orks.

Kill squad alpha, 1st Company, 501st was the first boots on the ground after the somewhat-controlled crash landing at Supply Depot Gamma 29 near the front lines. To their surprise, the depot was nearly overrun with attacking Orks with the human defenders nearly overcome. The players had to rush out of the shuttle into the murderous Ork gunfire in order to mount an immediate defense of both their beachhead and the overwhelmed defenders. Fortunately, the player characters were able to set up a quick fireline and began pouring heavy weapons fire unto the undisciplined Ork mobs. A combination of heavy weapons and pinpoint rifle fire was able to convince the surviving Orks to retreat, giving the defenders the boost they needed to see off the Ork forces.

With the rush of fresh troops and supplies, the 501st helped the defending 4th Brontian Longknives retake the supply depot and reinforce the position against further assaults. Having distinguished themselves in the immediate landing, Kill squad alpha has been assigned a special mission to recapture the high value promethium refinery Gibrahon Prime.




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