Only War - 501st Cadian Devildogs

Defending the Refinery

The Orks Assault!

Having successfully re-captured the promethium refinery, the squad immediately set upon reinforcing the massive complex. While the main gates could not be repaired, impromptu barricades were constructed to slow any Ork assaults. Promethium traps and fortified infantry fighting positions were also constructed to give the squad covering lanes of fire on probable Ork assault locations. Utilizing their Chimera’s heavy weapons, Stubbs’ long-range precision fire and Rook’s missile launcher positions, the squad felt confident they could hold the refinery despite their small numbers.

The squad’s preparations were soon tested. A few days after its re-capture, small orkoid xenos known as Gretchin infiltrated the refinery in a possible scouting expedition. The orkoids noisy bumbling was soon detected despite the cover of darkness, and two of the gretchin were easily slaughtered. The rest of the grots, however, scrambled over the walls to safety upon discovery. The following morning, Ork forces proper assaulted the refinery.

Comprised of Ork infantry, light vehicles and larger Ork specimens known as the “BigMek” and “Weirdboy”, the Ork forces quickly overwhelmed the refinery’s defensive walls with blasts of Rokkit barrages. The squad’s defensive positions proved most useful, as the squad had anticipated correctly both points of the Ork attack. Heavy weapons fire immediately greeted the Orks as they attempted to overrun the Imperial fire-lines. Jayne’s command of the Chimera’s heavy weapons savaged the Ork vehicles, who could not weather sustained combined multi-las, heavy bolter, and missile launcher attacks.

While the Ork vehicles floundered, the bulk of the Ork infantry soon threatened to overwhelm the Imperial lines. Ork burna and shoota boyz began entering the compound and nearly killed the attached Imperial psyker, Faye. It was at this point that Imperial resolve nearly broke as the Orks were practically in their fighting positions. Desperate close-range firefights began which savaged the Ork mobs without cover. Heavy bolter fire killed many of the xenos at close range, which was enough to break their lines for good.

After the dust settled, the squad’s kill count was at approximately ~10 Orks dead and two vehicles destroyed, including a notable Ork Mekboy and Wierdboy. High command was immediately notified following the engagement, who committed additional forces via Valkyries to reinforce the position. After roughly a week, the squad was retired to the supply depot for rest and refit. For their success, the squad was congratulated and afforded additional supply importance for further mission.



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