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Updated information from the previous sessions defense of the Refinery can be found on the adventure log!

All player characters are now up-to-date, including skills, talents and aptitudes.

The squad’s current mission assignment and mission assignment gear can be found in the wiki.

Background information for the 501st’ homeworld of Cadia: Cadia

New house-written pyschic power:

Psychic Intimidation
Value: 100xp
Prerequesitites: Psy Rating 1
Focus Power Test: Ordinary (+10) Willpower Test
Action: Full Action
Range: Self
Sustained: Half Action
Subtype: Concentration
The psyker uses a small amount of warp energy to manifest intimidating but harmless effects around his person, such as lightning bolts around the fingertips, glowing eyes or a disturbing electrical presence. This functions as an opposed Intimidate skill test where the psyker substitutes the results of his Focus Power test instead of the Intimidate skill. While the amount of warp energy involve is usually small, there is still a chance of psychic phenomena. If doubles are rolled on the Focus Power test, subtract 20 from the Psychic Phenomena roll. This usage of psychic energy, while usually terrifying to non-psykers, is especially easy to see through amongst those who also posses psychic training. Targets that possess the Psyniscience skill gain a +20 to opposed willpower tests to resist the effects of this power. Other psykers gain a +20 per psy rating to opposed willpower tests.

The Emperor protects,


From left to right: Cadian guardsmen with M36 Lasgun, Laspistol, and Flamer.

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